Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper 5

Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper 5

Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper 5, In this post, we have given previously asked nursing questions from AIIMS, JIPMER, ESI, RAILWAYS Etc…

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1. Which one of the following occurs in allergy


2. What should the nurse teach a client, who is taking antihypertensive, to minimize orthostatic hypotension


3. Immunoglobulin that can cross the placental barrier and reach the fetal circulation is


4. An eating disorder in which bring eating is followed by depression and guilt, self-induced vomiting and purging, and painful or difficult swallowing, is called:


5. Strict vegetarians and vegans are at the risk of developing a deficiency of


6. Signs include temperature, pulse, respirations, and blood pressure that are taken at each visit are called


7. Anaphylactic shock is treated with which of the following drugs?


8. Continuous bubbling in water seal chest drainage is considered as


9. The nurse is teaching the client taking cyclosporine after renal transplantation about key medication information, The nurse tells the client to be especially alert for:


10. A client has been diagnosed with pernicious anemia, In planning care for the client, a nurse anticipates that the client will be treated with?


11. A 21-year-old woman is being treated for injuries sustained in an automobile accident. The patient has a central venous pressure line in place. Does the nurse recognize that central venous pressure measurement reflects?


13. After experiencing a transient ischemic attack, a client is prescribed aspirin, 100mg by mouth daily. The nurse should teach the client that his medication has been prescribed.


14. The 70-year-old client is confined to her bed due to advanced Parkinson’s disease. Which nursing diagnosis takes the highest priority for a client with Parkinson’s crisis?


15. A Nurse is caring for a client with a tracheostomy tube undergoing mechanical ventilation. The nurse can help prevent tracheal dilation, a Complication of tracheostomy tube placement, by


16. A client who just received a diagnosis of hepatitis A asks, “How could I have gotten this disease”. what’s the nurse’s best response 


17. Oral polio vaccine under pulse polio immunization program is given to children of what age 


18. Which instruction should the nurse give a patient who is going to have a chest tube removed?


19. A Patient With increased intracranial pressure is receiving mannitol.  To evaluate the effectiveness of this drug, the nurse should assess the client for which of the following


20. The primary cause of abdominal ascites in a patient with cirrhosis of the liver is



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