Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper 2

Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper 2

In this section we provide the questions and answers asked in the Nursing Exams conducted by AIIMS, JIPMER, RAILWAYS, ESIC, MRB, Etc.,

1. The volume of Enema solution for infants:


2. Symptoms of increased ICP in infant:


3. Contraindications for Lumbar Puncture include:


4.  Therapeutic dosage of lithium:


5.  Most reliable index of cerebral status:


6. Clear fluid draining from the Nose and ear is indicative of:


7. A patient with Increased ICP is receiving Inj. Mannitol. The Nurse’s  understanding of this drug is:


8. Third stage complications of labor are all except:


9. Absence to develop valve between the right atrium and Ventricle is known as:


11. Which of the following drugs is an antidote of opioids:


12. Signs of imminent eclampsia:


13. Sausage shaped mass in abdominal palpation indicates:


14. Home visit planning will be based on:


15. Immediate management of Wernicke’s encephalopathy:


16. Delusion of grandiosity is present in:


17. Asthma is an:


18. Vomiting will cause:


19. Fluid replacement preferred in hypovolemic shock is:


20. The dose of RhoGAM is:



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