Previous Year Staff Nurse Exam Question paper 6

Previous Year Staff Nurse Exam Question paper 6, In this post, we have given previously asked nursing questions from AIIMS, JIPMER, ESI, RAILWAYS, MRB, DSSB, PGIMER, MCL, CCL Etc…

Previous Year Staff Nurse Exam Question paper 6

1. A Patient returns from surgery. which nursing diagnosis takes priority at this time?


2. The client with the status asthmaticus is in Severe respiratory distress.  the nurse should maintain the client in which position?


3. The nurse encourages the postoperative patient to move his legs.  contracting the leg muscles helps to prevent which post-operative complications?


4. A Female patient is diagnosed with Gonorrhea.  the nurse should assess her for which of the following?


5. A patient with congestive heart failure is given digitalis,  which of the following indicates the earliest manifestation of digitalis toxicity?


6. A  47-year-old male is admitted with an acute Myocardial Infarction.  he is cold and clammy and has severe substernal chest pain with dyspnea.  which of the following interventions nurse will implement on a priority basis?


7. The electrolyte balance in the body is regulated by which organ system?


8. Lactulose 20 grams is to be administered to a patient through the gastric tube.  on hand is lactulose syrup 10 grams per 15 ml.  how much will the nurse give?


9. A patient with a pacemaker is ambulating in the room with the assistance of a nurse.  the patient complains of dizziness and shortness of breath.  the initial action by the nurse should be?

10. The most likely systemic adverse effect of combination chemotherapy for the treatment of metastatic carcinoma includes?


11. The most relevant knowledge about oxygen administration to a patient with COPD includes the?


12. The highest priority of information given to a patient after bronchoscopy includes?


13. In a patient with acute renal failure,  hypertonic glucose,  insulin infusion, and sodium bicarbonate can be used to treat


14. Pressure by the upper end of a crunch may cause injury to the


15. In hemophilia the bleeding is due to the deficiency of


16. A Patient with tuberculosis who is on isoniazid therapy should also be administere


17. A client is recovering from an ileostomy that was performed to treat inflammatory bowel disease.  during discharge teachings for this client,  the nurse should stress on?


18. Sitz bath is given for which of the following?


19. When lifting a patient on to a structure,  the nurse should bend from the?


20. Roughage in the diet stimulates?



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