About Us


My Name is R.Muthuswamy, I am a nursing graduate, I am working as a staff nurse in Tamilnadu.

A lot of nurses in India are completing their nursing studies every year. All the nurses who have completed their studies are doing their job in a hospital or nursing college, and a lot of nurses are preparing for government jobs and joining the workforce.

We publish private hospital nurse vacancies, government hospital nurse vacancies, and foreign hospital nurse vacancies on this website to assist job seekers who are seeking employment in the government and those who are trying to get a job abroad in the private sector. We take these vacancies from various websites like newspapers, government hospital websites, private hospital websites and publish them on our website and inform the nurses.

We are also ready to take their problem to the general public through our website if nurses report any problems they may have, and students in nursing school can ask us their questions and find out more about the question papers and quizzes that nurses need to read on our website. We would like to inform you that our website will be very useful to develop skills and go to government jobs, private hospital jobs or work in a foreign hospital and live better by raising their economy. 

Anyone can contact us by mail- our mail id’s are nursingjobsindia.in@gmail.com, admin.nursingjobsindia.in